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The residents of this Louisville, KY know the numerous reasons for choosing HighTech Garage Door Service to handle their garage door repair services. The staff we employ meet all of the standards for the garage door industry when it comes to repairs. Our service is exemplary, providing qualified advice and the ability to respond quickly to your calls. Our clients know that when we appear on site, we give 100% of our attention to our clients and their needs. The needs of our clients are heard and we express understanding of their needs and desired outcomes. Our many years of experience come into play as we quickly evaluate their current problem, assess and provide a solution that is long lasting.

We have In stock a very extensive assortment of different garage door models. This stock ranges from typical standard designed and those that are custom made for our clients to choose from. The doors we make available are in every shape and size, from the very small to very large. Popular garage door brands are available at prices that are reasonable and affordable to you.


HighTech Garage Door Service Louisville, KY 502-444-0569Your garage door will not do as effective a job protecting your garage from the elements without adequate weatherstripping. Weatherstripping creates a protective seal that is designed to protect against water and wind, as well as temperature extremes and noise. The small spaces that form around your garage door are particularly susceptible to intrusion from the outside. Without having these areas weatherstripped, you can either lose money from expenses related to heating and cooling or create an uncomfortable environment. Weatherstripping services from HighTech Garage Door Service are an answer to this problem.

HighTech Garage Door Service offers weatherstipping that is designed to protect our garage door, keeping the outside from entering inside. Changes in the weather will have little effect on those things kept behind the garage door with our weatherstripping service. You will be able to consider the use of your garage space as an area for additional work or a place to host holiday functions.